“I've had more hard times in my life than some have lived through but you'll never know it when you see my smile. Through moments of poverty, I've learned appreciation. In hungry nights I've learned to fight for the scraps I've been given. Through the death of a loved one, I've learned how to live life. 


Like J. Cole said, "There's beauty in the struggle." It’s a constant reminder that as long as there's a breath in my body, and no matter what I’m going through, appreciating the opportunity to live through life's problems is a blessing. 


At the age of 4, my older brother was diagnosed with autism. His ability to smile, despite not being able to express himself daily like he wants to is the reason why you'll never see me without a smile.


My brother has been one of the leading reasons for my current success and my inspiration to achieve more. I can attest that living your life for the benefit of someone else is truly rewarding. He is the reason I find time to smile despite it all. 

he is the reason i find time to smile despite it all.

I say this all to say that if where you come from does define the person you become, be sure that you consider how you're personally developing in your journey. Whether its college or, something else, ensure that you're growth is primary and that you develop uncontrollably. Step out of your comfort zone."

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