”I always thought why? Like, Why do these people think a certain way? Or like, Why don't I really care about the things they value? And that's what made me think, Are you really a product of your environment? 

Because I always felt like an alien. To my family, we never really connected. To my friends, I would tell them things, but they were dealing with their own things. So then I think if it's just me here. Am I really one within everything? As easy as it was for me to feel disconnected, I know I wanted to understand what's going on, and that's what made me want to go into psychology. 

I want to go into social cognitive psychology. It’s about how you relate to your environment, how it can influence you, and how you can build your perception on how to see things.


So, in the environment I live in, people care about material things, like their possessions, the things on TV, and things a part of this material world. I don't care about that. I don't think I’m better, I just never had it. I learned how much of a blessing it was to not have it, as I have seen it as a source of light people can be lost in. 

Aside from why we do and think certain things, I want to connect with my spirit. I want to learn more about the being that's creating this reality. Ironically, I know as I continue to learn about my environment and other people's experience, I will learn more about myself and be able to guide others in their astro travel.

I know my hair adds to my identity. It's a reflection on patience. Initially, I had a flat top. And then, at some point, I just wanted to have curly hair. So I would tell my barber to not cut the top too much. But he would still do it. So I started growing out dreadlocks. I would just twist my hair, and the more I did that, the more I wanted to know about dreadlocks.


When I look at my hair, it doesn't look exactly like this one guy's who I really admire and kind of modeled my hair after, but it's mine. I'm just going to accept mine for how it is. I love that my locks are the physical representation of my growth and my patience in my journey.”

I want to know more about the being that's creating this reality.

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