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"I wanted my own room and to separate myself from inside the house, but I was also playing with the idea of wanting to become a barber. We kind of made it for me to sleep here, do homework, and cut hair. 


At the time there was a need for money. But haircut through haircut, my passion started growing bigger for it. It's a culture and there are individual cultures within it. But really the culture is a vibe that you can't recreate anywhere else.


Basically, you go into a shop to talk and to also make yourself feel better because they make you look better. Then you go out into the world and do what you gotta do. People don't just go to you because of your haircuts. It's ten percent of the haircut, and ninety percent of who you are as a person and the conversations you have. The people that I cut aren't my clients. All the people I cut are genuine relationships. 


It's a safe space too. It gets real intimate at times and you have to be able to respect that. I've had people cry in my chair, and I've even cried while I was cutting somebody's hair.


The name of my business is Quality Content Barbers. You can't just be a quality barber, but not a quality person. It has to be quality and content, which is everything from within and without. I don't want to over-expand it. I want to keep the culture of it. Definitely just have ten shops. 


there's a constant loop within the youth that they get stuck in.

I want to build a barber school that helps people in lower communities make money legally. I feel like me, in my crowd and in my youth, there's a lot of people who didn't take the route that was best for them because of their surroundings.


It's mostly like gang-related activity, drugs, violence, poverty, prostitution. These are things we see on a day to day basis that we don't really think much of. There's a constant loop within the youth that they get stuck in. You become a target unconsciously growing up just because you were born within the circumstances of the hood. 


So I created a campaign for students who are prioritizing their grades to get free haircuts. It gives them a lower chance of being stuck in that loop. I had an experience where my life could have easily been taken from me.


But if I put my focus more on school or cutting hair, it takes me away from being out here in the streets and in negative situations. As of right now, it's working. I'm stepping away from that, but keeping my character. I'm no different from some of the people in my community."