“The last time I cried was at the retreat. While we were meditating, I saw my grandfather. It was interesting because in this vision, I saw him happy. I haven’t seen my grandfather happy in probably 17 years. I’ve sat at the hospital bed with him, and he’s told me he’s ready to move on, ready to pass away. 


I remember when I was a child, my grandfather took me to ‘The Lion King’ play. He told me he was Mufasa and I was Simba. So with him being the leader of the tribe, I had to get it to represent him. What’s crazy is that when my little brother was born, he was a Leo.


It took a deeper meaning. It’s not just about my grandfather passing down the torch of leadership to me. It’s on my right side meaning my little brother is my right hand and I have to make sure he’s taken care of.”

It took a deeper meaning.

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