"I'm from San Jose, about six hours away. I grew up in a very rough neighborhood. A lot of gangs and drugs. We were constantly moving, and my education was suffering. My parents couldn't hold jobs, so we relied on my two older sisters. 

Leading up to graduation, life hit. My grandmother passed away, my girlfriend of four years decided she didn't want to be with me anymore, and after I accepted to Dominguez Hills they sent me a letter saying my application was revoked.


I remember this one specific time, I was going 120 miles an hour thinking, if I just let go of this steering wheel, everything will be over. I'll be with my grandma. I pulled over and stopped the car. I knew I couldn't bring my grandma back. I knew I couldn't change my ex-girlfriend's mind. But I knew I could change the outcome of my education. 

I scouted Dominguez Hills like crazy. I went to every department, admissions, outreach until I was advised to go to San Jose State and fulfill my English requirement. I was able to regain admissions in the spring of 2014. 

but I knew I could change the outcome of my education.

I never had a drum set because we could never afford it. Doing spoken word and the rhyme schemes of poetry transitioned to making my own music. When I got to college, I roomed with this former MSA brother known as C5.


I was there to see some of the fresh tracks off the original, Dorm Flow. I thought, 'Why am I not doing this?' I went ahead and spent a couple of hundred dollars and invested in myself. I produced my first track over the summer. That transitioned to the clothing line, Humble Society. 


My dad always told me, 'Always be humble, and understand where you came from and the roots and morals we instilled into you.' When I was coming up for a name for the brand I thought, 'What's better than being humble and the society we live in?' "

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