About The Site

Behind Los Ojos (Behind the Eyes) is dedicated to bring news and stories that reflect the complexity of our community.


The narratives are meant to challenge, strengthen, and refine the identities of our communities and our people.

Behind Los Ojos chronicles the work of our people, and by our people.


bienvenidos to the space.

About the Creator

Frank Rojas is a journalist from Los Angeles, California and a graduate from California State University, Dominguez Hills.


His passion for storytelling extends from the narratives he was exposed to growing up of his family and community. 

Frank seeks to shed light on the complexity of the human experience with stories that embrace identity and culture. 

Frank has been actively involved in work surrounding men of color.


He has mentored middle school and high school students, served as the president of an organization for collegiate men of color, and has documented some of their experiences through an intimate portrait series. 

Frank currently works as an Editorial Assistant at the Los Angeles Times. 

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